Question on Burn Redeem: Is it meant to replace older 1155 tokens? (Is that the purpose?)

What is the original purpose of the Burn Redeem app? Specifically, is it meant to replace older Manifold ERC1155 tokens because there was something wrong with them? i.e., if we have older Manifold ERC1155 tokens, are we supposed burn/redeem them? Thanks,

Great question!The Burn Redeem feature is to allow for more options when creators are building for their audiences. The app can provide more content/mechanics to your drops. Some examples here: Burn to Redeem - Manifold Docs

Note that creators have utilized these features for different types of mechanics. With Burn and Redeem you can do things like:

  • Burn ERC721 tokens for a ERC115
  • Burn multiple tokens and redeem a single token
  • Burn tokens from an older platform contract to a new sovereign one