Question Re: Implementing approveTransfer in extension contract for specific tokenID

Hello. I’m a little confused about implementing the approveTransfer functionality in a extension contract.

First, I’m only interested in having the extension approve transfers for a specific token (set using tokenID)

Second, I’m not sure I understand how to implement these functions properly. I looked at the SoulBound token contract, but that looks like it’s for the creator contract, not a specific token ID.

Here’s some sample code I’m playing with.

function approveTokenTransfer(uint256 _tokenID) external adminRequired {
        IERC1155CreatorExtensionApproveTransfer(_core).approveTransfer(operator, from, to, tokenIds, amounts);
//Not sure how these params are set? Is this call coming from the core contract? How is a tokenID identified? 

    function setApproveTokenTransfer(bool _enabled) external adminRequired {
        address creator = _core;
        bool enabled = _enabled; 

Docs say this is called by a creator contract, but not sure how a specific token ID is specified.
IERC1155CreatorExtensionApproveTransfer().setApproveTransfer(creator, enabled);


No need to answer this question. I was able to figure this out.