Questions about listing with Gallery App


I have managed to create my own contract and minted an NFT collection in ETH.

Now it is time to list. I would like to list using the Manifold Gallery App.

As it will cost me money, I kindly ask if it is possible to list a complete collection with 12 items at once.

In any case, how do I know in advance how much will it cost me?

Also, I kindly ask if a listing (not auction) has an end date if not sold.

Can a listing (not auction) start at a particular moment?

Is that a good strategy to leave minted NFTs visible in Opensea, Rarible, Foundation, and Looksrare, even if I only list them in Manifold?

Many thanks for your guidance.

If you’re looking to list 12 unique pieces they will need to be listed individually.

When listing on Manifold Gallery, like Foundation, this is a custodial auction. Once listed for sale it will be held by Manifold Gallery until the auction is completed or cancelled(before bids have taken place)

Platforms like Opensea, Raraible, FND ingest and display all tokens minted to the blockchain.

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Thank you very much @lyndo for your answer. It clarifies almost all questions.

Just to be sure, LISTINGS (not auctions) with the Manifold Gallery app:

  1. may start at a particular moment?

  2. may remain listed indefinitely until sold or canceled?

Thank you again. Have a nice day.

I have just discovered this setting in Gallery, Auction app: “On first bid.”

So then this way, the piece may remain listed indefinitely until sold or canceled. Is that correct? Many thanks.

Yup! That is correct! Creating the listing will transfer to our custodial marketplace but it can be cancelled at any time(if there haven’t been any bids) or sold!

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