Questions regarding Burn and Extensions

Hi Manifold team! I have a few questions that need answering regarding the burn/redeem function.

I’m aware that different multi-token burns cannot be done yet. Our team is planning to launch this very soon and we need a functionality like this asap. So we have a developer lined up that is looking to make an extension.

My question is, with this extension, can we mint new ERC-1155 tokens under the same collection? And if yes, how would we interact with this extension from a front-end POV? Would we be using our own front-end? or is it under the claim page?

And if its not possible to create more burnable tokens through an extension, is it possible to burn minted tokens from an extension? Say we launch our first token with manifold, then later upload an extension that allows existing/minted tokens to be burned for a separate contract/collection?

Bump. Please need an answer to this asap, our team has already launched the first NFT in the burn process on Manifold.

Bump, would appreciate a response. Thank you!