Recast, Like or Follow to Mint on Base OK, But being able to link these to the creator?

It happens to all of us. We have a great idea and art. Thanks to Manifold Studio, we can share it with our followers, which is amazing. But it’s sad when others copy the link to our creation and get more interaction than the Creator.

As a solution, is it possible to transition to a system that directs to the Creator, protecting the work and the artist?

Hmmm thanks for your feedback. So someone is sharing a link of your work? The link is your original Claim/Farcaster page? How do you imagine a system that directs to the creator would work?

I think it might be possible if it’s linked to the FID. In the requirements, we can choose follow, recast, and like, so something like ‘follow [FID]’ could be added. This way, if others copy and share the link to the creator’s work, the transaction fails. I’m not sure how this could be implemented in reality. Just an idea…