Recent Activity / on-chain activity updates

Good day!

Recent Activity stopped updating (more then a week ago). Etherscan shows all transactions as usual. And it seems to me that in general the on-chain activity is not updated (I burned one token/nft, but it still shows up as active in the studio). Can you plz check?

My Wallet: 0xf2cea9C6492348C19Faa54a85fD77965d47fC0ff


Could you let me know which token is not showing correctly as burned?

Also seems like recent-activity was updated recently, could you check again to see if thats accurate please?
aka: 0x242c50b1283206ce67cb0b932949589228154581 , token #1

Yes, but for some reason this transaction is missing:

And something is wrong with the calculation of royalties! Here - the primary sale, just for 0.11E - some percentage of the marketplace, there are no royalties.