Recent Activity- Price and royalty column issue. Different from foundation sale

The price seems 0.4 ETH on the Manifold overview-> Recent Activity tab price column. and 0.19 in the Royalty column but I have received only 0.19ETH on the foundation secondary sale. What is wrong? Where is the rest amount? My royalty was set at only 10% by the way.

How did the 0.4 ETH number come into the picture? On foundation, the offer and sale price is 0.2 ETH.

My Wallet: tanmayshah.2th
Collector’s Wallet: techbubble.eth
Ether scan of transaction:

Foundation link: Magnima | Foundation

Image on manifold:

Howdy! You are correct, that price should say 0.2 as the sale price. It seems 0.19 went to tanmayshah.eth and 0.01 went to FND as a fee. Will go take a look at what went wrong in our calculation algorithm and report back soon! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

~ Johny / White Lights (Manifold Engineer)

For my own debugging purposes, can I confirm that tanmayshah.eth is the wallet you’re using to log in to studio? Thank you ahead of time!

~ Johny / White Lights (Manifold Engineer)