Recent Activity Price Bug

Hello Manifold!

Thank you get great option β€” Recent Activity on the main page.

Just few notes:
I had a sale on OS. Collector bought 4 pieces. Price is 0.01e

In the table it going as 4 transaction, but each one has 0.04e (so I see all transactions, but not right price)

And yes! Under the ? near recent activity you put the wrong link to the forum (one additional N) :wink:


Thanks for reaching out! Can you provide a bit more info - What is the wallet address you use to sign in to studio? Also can you send us the etherscan transaction of the sale?



This transaction has 4 tokens, but repeat 4 times in the Recent Activity

This transaction has 2 tokens, but repeat 2 times in the Recent Activity

This transaction has 5 tokens, but repeat 5 times in the Recent Activity

Ah appreciate it - Looks like there’s a bit of a bug on our end capturing the batch transactions. We’ll look into this. Thank you so much for bringing this up!