Redeem Tokens for ETH/WETH - Add Functionality or New App Extension

Is it possible to implement a Redeem Tokens for ETH/WETH assets option to the existing Burn-Redeem extension app?

Or, possibly add a new Burn-Redeem Tokens for ETH/WETH app extension?

I would like to allow users to redeem burn tokens on my contracts for ETH/WETH as opposed to redeeming for another NFT. Creating multiple burn tokens (I’m specifically looking to create 6) with differing values of ETH/WETH for redemption would be the goal. When a user burns a token, the contract would send the set redemption value of ETH/WETH back to the user from the contract.

burnTokenForETH1 ➢ redeemValue1 : 0.001Ξ
burnTokenForETH2 ➢ redeemValue2 : 0.01Ξ
burnTokenForETH3 ➢ redeemValue3 : 0.1Ξ
+add burnTokenForETH

Create Redeem Token for ETH/WETH Asset App Page

➣ User selects burn token to set redemption value | User selects range of burn tokens to set redemption value | User selects burn token contract to set redemption value | User uploads a CSV file containing the tokenIDs for the burn tokens and the corresponding redemption value

➣ User inputs price in ETH/WETH for redemption per specific burn token, range of tokens, or contract, or via the csv upload

➢ User input allows 10^-9 (gwei) input value (0.000000001Ξ)

This Manifold app feature would significantly enhance burn-redeem contract implementations! :star_struck:

Thanks, J. Sill.