Redemption Limit Bug with Shopify/Manifold Merch Bridge

I’m setting up a token-gated store using Shopify + Manifold Merch Bridge.

I specified a redemption limit of 5 in the product gate options, but something bizarre is happening: when I add a sixth product to my cart, the cart just empties and there’s no message displayed to inform the customer about the limit.

Here’s a short screencast that demonstrates the issue: Redemption Limit Bug

I’d really appreciate any guidance you can offer! Thanks for your consideration.

Will check this out, but it is intentional that the input field on the cart page with the quantity cannot be edited. Why? because we aren’t able to get a callback to check quantity limits if it’s modified.

The items all disappearing after the cart limit is hit is weird though. Will check that one out.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Really appreciate any light you can shed on this.

The quantity limitation is strange, though … because if I add a second sweater in the same size, the quantity in the cart isn’t updated – it just remains fixed at QTY: 1.

What if a customer wishes to order two XL sweaters?

Hmm, I’m unable to reproduce this case with 5 item redemption limit and adding six items.

Doing so properly replaces just the last item on my side. Did you customize the liquid code at all? I noticed you changed the text of the add to cart button with some logic.

To add two XL sweaters, you need to have the default quantity selector on the page. It will replace the cart items with the item with the quantity you just selected. It’s a replace mechanism.

Mind spinning up a quick store with zero customizations and a default dawn template to try out the base case (2 item limit, add 3 items).

I just want to make sure it’s not a customization causing problems, because when I do this, it works fine and doesn’t clear the cart. I’ve tested with a 5 item limit and adding 6 items as well, and one of the item gets replaced (as expected) leaving me with 5 items.

Just checked the latest version, works for me. Would you mind trying the base case?

Thanks for your guidance. I’ll spin up a test store. We are using a custom theme and just added the snippets from Manifold … so probably our error?

Possibly. :sweat_smile:

I would suggest starting with the tutorial here:

Then taking a look at the diff file for the dawn theme to see exactly what the code modifications needed were for that theme and applying it to yours.

Thanks again for following through with your guidance!

I tested again this morning, deleting the product gate rules and setting them up again from scratch. I had a hunch that the bug I observed (the cart being emptied when you exceed the max item #) was just due to the fact that I’ve been testing and clicking this stuff over and over all day.

And true enough, I tested again and the cart just replaced the latest item I had added with the new one – as intended! Now we just need to display a message somewhere to alert customers to the 5-item limit.

The only loose end at this point is to allow customers to put multiples of the same size in their cart. I suspect we inadvertently hid or removed the quantity selectors while customizing the add to cart / connect wallet buttons, so we’ll investigate.

Have a nice weekend!

Just following up to confirm that we were able to figure this one out. Thanks again for your help!

Quick (unrelated) question/suggestion –

We’re trying to set up a presale period that is exclusive for NFT holders. Unless I’m missing something, it seems like product gates need to be set up one by one, for each product individually? It would be cool to have the ability to gate all products and apply the same rules, or at the very least, to be able to duplicate a product gate and apply it to a different product, instead of having to manually set these up over and over for each product.

Another odd thing, I think, is that you can’t schedule more than one gate for a single product – e.g. the first product gate with an end date, followed by a second (different) product gate for the same product, if we want to have an exclusive presale for holders, then switch over so the products are no longer exclusive, but token holders still get a discount.