Reduce ERC-721 Gas fee for airdropping a large amount of tokens

Hi guys, is there any possible way to reduce gas fee to airdrop 200 erc-721 NFTs (multiple copy of same token) through manifold? Im planning to airdrop 3000 nft, but it roughly going to cost me 2 ETH. Is there any advice?

Thank you.

At this time Studio doesn’t support airdropping to multiple wallets with an ERC721 contract. Have you considered using an ERC1155? Just a heads up, airdropping a large number of tokens can cause the platforms to mark the tokens as spam.

No, it is just an airdrop to single wallet. but 200 copies erc-721 nft, any suggestion to reduce the gas fee in any way?

No other way, what is the collector experience you are aiming for? Will these tokens be airdropped to holders after or sold on a marketplace? Maybe Claim Page is a better option for that: Claim Page - Manifold Docs

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Hi sir! yes we finally managed to plan a claim page instead and change it to 1155 contract. But due to our last claim page trouble (server down), is there any things that we can do to prevent that from happening again sir?

Thank you