Refresh NFT Metadata with Connect Widget

Hi There,

I am attempting to display Dynamic NFT metadata from my react application with the Manifold Connect app. I am able to connect to the app I created with the Manifold Connect Widget and can display my NFTs on the webpage. When I run my extension to update token metadata, the transaction runs correctly on Etherscan, and I see that changes have been made to my token’s URIs. I can even go to Opensea and click the ‘refresh metadata’ button to see the updated token metadata. However, the metadata does not update on my react site and always shows the metadata that was created when the token was minted. I figure the Manifold Conenct API must be caching the metadata somehow, but I cannot figure out how to get it to re-query to token URI.

How should I approach this issue? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Hey there! One trick you can do is to refresh in the manifold developers portal.

Go to snapshot, put in your contract address, select tokens by attribute, and hit refresh!

That is great, but I need a solution to refresh the metadata dynamically with code. I want to be able to have potentially thousands of tokens being updated in real time as transactions occur. I have found a different API solution as I don’t believe the Connect Widget supports this- am I correct?

I see. In that case probably you’ll want a different API solution!