Refreshing Metadata on Claim PAge

Hi there, I setup an edition claim page before going to sleep and then minted it when gas was lower, now unfortunately only the thumbnail shows. I already uploaded and refreshed the data twice on arweave, but nothing happened. I’m just unsure whether I’m running into a bug or not cause the site says the data is out-of-sync.

What to do?

Thanks for letting us know - We’ve resolved the issue. If you give it another shot everything should be working as expected!

Hey there Lyndo,

Thanks for the reply.

What do you mean give it another shot? Update it once more on my end?

This was supposed to be a drop for last Saturday…

Yup update it once more on your end - This issue should be resolved, if you clear the cache and then reload page and upload the assets again, this should update the way you’re expecting.

Will I have to pay the gas fee a third time? :melting_face: