Relist an auction that was stopped

I minted a physical artwork for sale and it had not sold at 13.69 eth. when eth started spiking upwards I wanted to reduce the price but I also had an exhibition and could potentially sell the work irl using fiat as the audience was not crypto native.

I went to find a way to relist the artwork in the gallery but the platform has updated since my last visit and I dont see any way to list the artwork again??

my wallet for contract is 0xB815fD9A0061a2a58E63155E3fa19B54b017BcD6

the gallery listing is "Banded Felina" - Joe Mangrum | Manifold
contract address 0x4b72255B2166A650E47dD6F1B24FE03e67d80A08

on opensea 0x4b72255b2166a650e47dd6f1b24fe03e67d80a08/1

How can I relist this item and adjust pricing??

If you’re running into issues, please provide the following in order for us to help:

gm! Thanks for reaching out - The gallery listing is still created, it just sits on the homepage now. You should see the previous listing there. Because it’s a custodial auction, once the token is transferred to the Manifold Gallery wallet, you’ll need to finalize it in order to return the token back to yourself.

When you create a new Gallery listing is the token there for you to select? The wallet that owns the token must be the one that lists it in Gallery.

Thank you. so I need to cancel the listing and pay gas??

That might just be a UX thing on our side - I believe if you click cancel listing, it will error out because it’s already finalized.

On the homepage, when you click the Gallery app - Are you able to list this piece again?

I dont see the gallery app. but I click create button and seems like i could make new listing, I just have not followed it thorough. just the interface completely changed since last I used it…

The previous listings are do not have a visible image either??
Is the answer to just create New listing using the button circled??

You will want to hit “Create new” and “Gallery listing” and then follow the steps there. Please let us know if you run into any issues doing that!