Remove or delete excess unclaimed/unsold editions from ERC 721 edition?

First off, I know I should have used an 1155 contract, but anyway, here I am with a limited time claim for an ERC 721 edition. I made the maximum edition size 50, but only 6 were claimed. On OpenSea, the title for each piece is numbered out of 50, for example “Foxygen #2/50”. The claim is over and I want to respect the time limit, so this is now an edition of 6.

Question: Is there any way to change the total edition size? Burn/Delete the unclaimed editions?
My goal is to have the title of the NFTs reflect the new edition size, so it would be: “Foxygen #2/6”.

Thank you!

It isn’t possible to rename the tokens at this point. The unclaimed tokens don’t exist yet so there’s no need to burn them.

An option is to mint the remaining supply to yourself or to leave the unclaimed amount unclaimed.

Thanks Lyndo,

Do you know if there’s a way I can do the renaming on a contract level through etherscan or something?

Is renaming tokens something that might become a feature in the future?

seconding this as a feature request! i’m in the same boat as OP and am yet to find a solution

+1 for this, even if it means a tx to update the metadata