Removing a Manifold contract/collection from appearing in Foundation

Hi there Manifold friends!

I made a small error when titling my contract, and before I realized there was no way to remove it from appearing in Foundation, I made another one. I now have two titled the same thing (with one having all lower case). I’ve contacted Foundation, and they currently have no way of removing a collection from appearing in my collections page when it is made in Manifold.

I know there is no way to destroy a contract once it’s on the blockchain, but I’m hoping someone knows of a way to stop it from appearing on Foundation some other way.

Thank you for any help you can provide!
Butch McCartney

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gm! Thanks for reaching out. Hiding contracts depends on the marketplaces. Opensea will allow you to hide these contracts. There isn’t much we can do here except encourage creators to reach out to these respective platforms to allow creators to curate how things are ingested.

Hi, I have the same problem. I made a complete mess of mine and added the wrong wallet address, which created 2 new profiles for me on OpenSea and Foundation. Basically created chaos for myself and confusion for collectors. I can get the 2nd account on Foundation deleted through them, that’s fine they said they can do that. However the nft I have minted I would like to mint again inside a contract with the right wallet address and the right collection name. Is it going to cause a problem that I have it floating around, even if I unlist it please? I really like what I made, that was all I did right lol

There is a way to burn NFTs that are minted on Manifold. It’s done through Etherscan and there’s a FAQ somewhere with specific instructions. That should eliminate your duplicate NFT floating around.

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You are a star, thank you Butch. I’ll hunt that down in a minute. Happy New Year.
I’m never rushing again lol

Glad that was helpful! Going through something similar :slight_smile: Cheers and happy new year!

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Hi Butch, I did everything you said and it wanted to charge me 1,100 dollars plus to burn. :rofl:
That can’t be right can it?
I rejected that transaction
I guess I can just burn it on Foundation instead?

if its charging that much to burn - it’s probably burned. is it shown as owned by null address? if its burned it can still be visible on platforms, just cant be changed

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Unless you’r trying to burn the contract, instead of your NFT. I experimented with trying to burn the contract that way and it gives and insane amount. Should be just a few dollars to burn your NFT

Are you entering the Token ID before clicking “write”?

Yes, I did that. Found the instructions and followed them. In the end I just paid to burn the nft on Foundation and then hid the collection completely on OpenSea, that was cheaper. I didn’t try and burn the contract. I’ve done it now. It’s not possible to buy it anywhere, that’s the main thing.
I can’t even see the nft on the Manifold page now, so I reckon that worked.
All a bit of a rush job because I only heard about Manifold a few days before new year.
Thank you for the advice. Very kind of you.

I thought of a way to remove it completely. It doesn’t show up anywhere I can see it on Manifold, OpenSea or Foundation, but I think if I delete the wallet attached to the contract that could completely remove it from floating about at all perhaps?