Removing master token in contract

Hi hoping I can get some help with cleaning up my contract. I created the following Manifold Studio. This contract has two tokens on it. I’m trying to remove token one at this Manifold Studio.

I’ve tried going to into etherscan to use the burn feature but action doesn’t seem to remove the token so it doesn’t show up in the market places. How can I burn this?

Is the token owned by the NullAddress? Can you send the Opensea link to the token?

Thanks, Absolutely here is the link

Transaction Hash:


Looks like the token has been burned - If you’re looking from Studio you’ll be able to have the link to the token. If you would like Opensea to hide this token you can reach out to their support team!

But wont this show on all market places on ETH? it would need to be removed here on Manifold contract no? I can see this item on other market places

How can I remove the “Mint 1” token ?!

Yes it looks like I need to burn the mint 1 off the manifold contract. This is failing. How can I get this done ??