Removing MINT from contract

Hi I minted a token to a contract and I would like to remove the token “mint 1”.
I’ve tried to remove the mint on the contract via etherscan but that failed.
Do I just keep trying to remove it via etherscan so that it will not show in the market places?
The contract Is 0x185b5e46fb58ba19b1a519873e380fcc63c750d8

the token is mint #1 it still appears on the contract itself. Thanks

gm - You can request for tokens not to appear on marketplaces after it has been burned. Is it currently owned by the NullAddress? If this is the case you can ask OS to hide the token.

It looks burned but still appears on the contract. Can’t it be burned from the contract ? For not having it show in OS…I would need to do that for every market place. Just wondering why it can be burned from the contract …so the tokens that where created on the MINT are burned but how do I burn the token Mint 1 I see in manifold studio smart contract?

In studio is shows Total: 3 | Symbol: MTSMBEPx I would like to remove mint 1 so that total shows 2 and not 3