Request Expired

This is the message I get:

Something went wrong Request expired. Please try again.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do here.

I’ve rebooted the machine as well as the browser. Logged out and back into the wallet.

Send help.

gm! Can you provide a bit more information here? What were you looking to do when this error popped up?Do you have screenshots of it?

I’m sorry. I’m trying to mint a claim page. It spins on this for a few minutes and then I get the error.

Does Metamask pop up here? Have you been prompted with the transaction yet?

Can you take a screenshot of your console on this page? Instructions here:

What kind of wallet are you using?

Using MetaMask in Chrome. Been doing it this way for over a year now.

Are you connecting via wallet connect by any chance? This seems to be a wallet connect error.

Or possibly, there’s a hanging wallet connect connection. To make sure, please try:

  1. Logging out
  2. Clearing your browser cache
  3. Restarting the computer (not just the browser) because sometimes, Metamask + WalletConnect gets into an odd state that can’t be resolved until a system reboot.

Yes. This is actually the first time it’s ever asked me to do it this way. With wallet connect that is. I’ll try again with suggestions and see what happens.

If you’re trying to use wallet connect, it’s ‘supposed’ to prompt the wallet connect app to get you to action. The ‘request expired’ message indicates that the action wasn’t approved via wallet connect.

Fixed. Thank you all!

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