Review and Publish Claim Page Error

It is 6:24AM 1-29-2024 Trying to upload asset to arweave. It never works, it takes like 20 minutes then give an unexpected error? What gives!? I wanted to go to sleep with minting active and now I cant? This should just work. Please advise. (Ive tried gif, png etc…) Nothing works.

Is this a GAS ETH issue? Do I need a certain amount of ETH in my wallet? Just wondering… I dont have issues like this with OS or Thirdweb Contracts.

gm! Apologies that you’re running into this issue, is it still happening?

Arweave can sometimes take a little longer to upload.

  • Did you get to the transaction modal?
  • Did Metamask popup? Or was this just stuck uploading to Arweave.

I let it run all night while i slept, i understand now that you just have to wait. lol