Royalties on L2 contracts

Hey all! Looking to deploy a collection and saw on the royalties doc (Royalties - Manifold Docs) that fees aren’t enforceable unless on the L2 level. Does this mean that if I set royalties on an L2, it could be enforced on another platform like OpenSea?

For L2s, Royalties on OpenSea are enforced but only until Feb 29, 2024.

On Aug 31, 2023 OpenSea updated their policy on enforced royalties.

Royalties are only enforced on OpenSea only if you enabled the operator filter before Aug 31, 2023 or your collection is not on ethereum (an L2)

If you enabled the operator filter after Aug 31, 2023, or if it is a new collection then royalties are optional. Also note that after Feb 29, 2024 all royalties will be optional on OpenSea

For more information please see OpenSea’s officials announcements:

Ah okay, thanks! Was just confused since the doc says “All royalties will be optional unless it’s on L2” so wasn’t sure if royalties would be enforced after Feb 29, 2024.

Sounds like after that date, royalties won’t be enforced on a collection dropped on Base. Would that be correct?

That is correct the OpenSea link explicitly states:

Existing collections on all non-Ethereum blockchains: we will enforce your designated creator fees on OpenSea through February 29, 2024. After that time, creator fees will be optional.