ROYALTIES PSA: Marketplace Blocker App and understanding the Opensea's Operator Filter

Tip: If you want to be eligible to earn OpenSea royalties without blocking OpenSea’s required list of zero-royalty marketplaces you will need to deploy a contract AND mint a token before January 2 @ 12PM ET to maintain collection (contract) eligibility.

Contracts with first tokens minted after January 2 @ 12PM ET will require blocking OpenSea’s required list of zero-royalty marketplaces to be eligible for royalties. Future-proof your work by deploying contracts and minting your contract’s first token NOW. Prepping for a future collection? Deploy a new contract and mint a single token with placeholder artwork and metadata to use later!

As a reminder any required marketplace blocking after the deadline can be done by enabling the CORI Operator Filter in your Manifold Studio contract settings, using the Marketplace Blocker app to build and control your own list, or via custom contract extension.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Marketplace Blocker App and how Opensea’s Operator Filter works, the following documentation might help answer the following questions:

  1. What is Manifold’s Marketplace Blocker App
  2. What is Opensea’s Operator Filter
  3. Does this affect me? And how does this affect me?

OpenSea refers to a “on-chain enforcement” in

So what if my contract has a method that forces the payment of a royalty? Like in this contract: GitHub - offgridgecko/ERC721Marketplace: An ERC721 update that creates an internal mechanism for buying and listing, including HTML code as a marketplace broilerplate. which has a buyItem function. Will opensea call this method? Perhaps its own marketplace code will ignore this method.

Gm :sunny: Will it be possible to enable royalties on Opensea - without blocking OS - for new contracts after the deadline in January? If yes, how? Thanks

No I answered my own question. The manner in which NFT contracts and marketplace contracts are set up give control to the marketplace. The only way for the artist to control how it is sold and force a royalty payment is to use marketplace functions like buyItem and block all markets from selling the NFT accept for the one controlled by the artist.

As I understand it, after January you can have OS collect the royalty if you utilize a contract that blocks the same markets that OS is blocking. If you do not use the blocking functions OS will make the royalties optional.
Not sure how they are implementing this in the interface of OS.

I deployed a contract and token today. When I go to Opensea to list it, I see the royalties as 0 in the details section of the token. I had saved the royalties % on the settings tab in Manifold. Did anyone else face this issue?

Need a quick clarification on what constitutes minted token
I have an ERC1155 that I have used as claim pages. So far OS has honored royalties on it, but on Manifold site I am still to “mint” a token.
Is the contract safe or do I need to mint something new?