Royalty fee not shown on the setting page

I have deployed the contract on the mainnet.

Despite setting the royalty, it is still reflecting as 0%

I have checked on here

It is showing correctly as 10%

But when I checked it on the Looksrare, it is showing as 0%

Just wondering how can i resolve this.
Thank you

Just wondering, could the missing royalty fee be due to the token being in the claiming stage?

gm. A heads up, here’s an update on royalties from the LR team:

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As per the LooksRare Documentations regarding royalties.

Previously, LooksRare implemented on-chain royalties, which enabled instant payout for creators, and used the EIP-2981 standard.

However, as of the V2 release, it no longer enforces royalties, to better align with the wider market.

Manifold contracts and the royalty registry use EIP-2981 which LooksRare dropped support for.

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Thank you for the info.

Is there any solution for manifold currently, that allow OS and Looksrare to respect the royalty?

Thank you

There is no solution for anyone for respecting royalties on OpenSea or LooksRare, as of Feb 28th 2024, OpenSea will be going to 100% optional royalties for all contracts.