SAFE multisig connection

I was wondering how we can connect with SAFE (old name: Gnosis) to Manilfold. I did try a few minutes ago. I choose wallet connect as the connection option, use the built-in app of SAFE to connect, sign the message in SAFE but Manifold doesn’t show the contract wallet as connected. What am I missing?

I was wondering if it would be possible to add owners to SAFE later on and let them execute the mint TXN to show provenance.


After you sign the message on your safe, does studio takes you to the home page, where it shows all your contracts with your connected wallet on the top right?

Nope after I sign-in and it just loops back to same sign-in message. Screens attached.

Thank you for the screenshots, we are actively looking into this issue.


The issue is due to recent changes on SAFE that enables “off-chain” signing. You can read more about it here:

Studio currently only support “on-chain” signing, which was the supported method before SAFE latest update.

We are actively looking to support this new signing method on SAFE, but if you are in a rush, you could disable the new feature in your SAFE account by going to the “Can I still sign on-chain?” section when you scroll to the bottom of this page:

HOWEVER there are two things you need to keep in mind:

  • Signing on-chain cost gas, so I would recommend trying this on a goerli SAFE first.
  • Studio currently does not support contract-deployment on gnosis safe, but everything else is supported.

If you are looking to do contract deployment on your safe, I can show you another way to do so.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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gm @dongqtm, do you have any updates for “off-chain” signing?

Challenges I’m facing are:

  • I’d like to connect to studio with the multisig without requiring everyone to sign. This will allow me to prep everything, then summon the team right before minting a new token or creating an airdrop. Is this an option, or do we need consensus signing before connecting to studio?
  • I did find info on “transferring ownership” to a multisig, but FYI the link on this page is broken
  • I transferred ownership to the multisig, and now my original wallet has been removed as admin. Can I re-add myself as admin in studio using the multisig to confirm?

Basically I’d like to:

  • create the contract
  • transfer ownership to multisig
  • keep personal wallet as admin in Manifold Studio
  • create tokens and set up distribution (claim page / airdrop)
  • remove personal wallet from admin in Manifold Studio

Hi nftthinker!

Off-chain signing should be supported now on studio. Could you give it a shot again and let me know if it works for your case?

Hi Don, thanks for your reply. What does off-chain signing enable? I’ve tried connecting today and it’s still requesting a wallet connect sign in which requires 3 signatures from our safe.

Hi nftThinker

Sorry for misunderstanding your question earlier. Off-chain signing enable you to sign messages through your multi-sig wallet without requiring an on-chain transaction, though you still need the required number of threshold signers to approve any transactions.

To achieve what you mentioned, what would have been better is you add yourself as Admin BEFORE transferring the ownership. In this case even though the ownership is transferred, you are still an admin and still able to create token and set up distribution on Studio without requiring the other signers.

However if the ownership is already transferred, what you could do now is login to Studio along with the other signers, and set admin for your individual wallet. You can then log into Studio with your individual wallet and set up tokens distribution then.

Hope this answer your question!

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Thanks for clarification. I’ll add myself as admin! All the best

Hi Don, me again. I’ve added my personal wallet as admin to the contract owned my our multisig. When I sign in I only see contracts owned by my personal account, not the one owned by the multisig. Is there an area in Studio that allows me to see all contracts I’m admin on?

Just to clarify, when I added myself as admin 8 days ago I was able to view the contract, create a new token, and deploy an airdrop all through my personal wallet. Only difference is the multisig was logged in on a separate browser (after adding me as admin), so I’m assuming that had something to do with it.

Could you let me know the wallet address of your personal wallet, as well as the contract address that you are an admin on?

Thanks Don

Personal: 0x2C8D2e50Ee03f98A2f4CCFbe1A61552b79bDF6fa
Multisig: 0xE28FD8415beF20e3A25B996115Ad92776c79B4d0
Contract Address: