Saving gas when storing data on-chain

I have questions about storing data on-chain as referenced in this Doc:

Gas is at 11 GWEI right now and estimate to mint is coming in at USD 90, I’d hope to get it down below 10 for a 72x72 image with only two colours

I’ve been trying to work it out, but am not overly technical. This here appears to be a Manifold contract, yet the gas is kept minimal:

It is also using Mint and not Mint Base, which I am unsure how to do

Appreciate any help as this is all new to me

Hey! :slight_smile:

The contract you shared is not a Manifold Creator contract.

They don’t seem to be adding the full image on chain but more of a configuration so that is why it’s so much cheaper. Probably the contract itself has the metadata already stored via another function or just hardcoded in it, but I can’t check the code since it’s not a verified contract. That would have made deploying the contract / setting up the metadata more expensive so that’s where the big part of the cost would have been.

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Thanks that helps a lot. Time to learn some Solidity