Secondary Royalty Fees Missing from Contract

Love Manifold.

I have two Manifold contracts and the secondary royalties I originally set are no longer showing on the UI.
The Administrator and Revoke wallets are also missing. These contracts are in a multi-sig SAFE.

Is this expected behavior?



Thanks for checking this out.

Are you going to the read/write proxy section to look at this info?

For example:

I do not understand the read/write proxy link you sent. I transferred these contracts to multi-sig in 2022.

When I look on Manifold at my 721 contract, the secondary royalty UI appears blank. The same with my 1155 contract. Also no Administrators are appearing.

Is this blank screen on Manifold caused by the contract being stored in multi-sig?

When you read the contract, does it appear that no royalties are set? Can I reset them?

Ah, I see. We can look into this.

Ok, just looked into this.

The administrators page doesn’t show the current administrators. We’ll take note of adding this as a future feature.

In the meantime, you can go to your contract on, click ‘read as proxy’ and click on ‘getAdmins’

The same goes for royalties. The page currently doesn’t show royalties that are set. However, you can double check the settings of your tokens at:

Admin missing from Etherscan on both contracts. I am certain I set it on deployment.

Will await further advice

Can you take a screenshot of what you see when you click onto getAdmin? ie when i click the 65A contract - click Read as Proxy - go to getAdmins and hit query - I see 3 addresses:

You are correct on 65A contract. Thank you for screenshot.

HOWEVER, on 221 contract, when I ready as Proxy, I am showing only 1 address. How can I add other two addresses to 221 contract?

Lyndo, Can I add additional Admin addresses to the 721 contract?

Hi, I have the same issue.
just wondering how do you manage to resolve this?
"The blank royalty fee in the setting page. "

Thank you

Not sure that I have yet. Just resubmitted contract again. Not showing yet on BaseScan