Selected Burn Token has changed mid burn

We paused our burn by changing the start and end time of the Burn while it was running. We turned it on today to find that one of the Redeemable tokens is now burning the wrong token somehow, and we can’t change it back.

To be clear, people were able to burn the correct token before we paused the burn, and now it’s different.

Is there aa secret way to change this? Was it an update that has locked what is burnable?

For context the contract address is 0x8a020562859e03420eed280913c748ce516d2d2e

They should be burning R.O.Y.S Blanks (Token ID2) in exchange for Sanctuary ROYS Blanks, but instead now the contract is telling them they need to burn Magma ROYS Blanks.

Thanks in advance.

Hey! Can you link us to the burn redeem page, as well as your initialize Burn Redeem and update burn redeem transactions? It sounds like something went wrong during that update transaction to change the burn token on-chain.

Burn Redeem Page

Initial Burn Redeem Transaction

There are no updated burn redeem transactions, because I’m the only one who holds the token that is burnable currently.

Oh sorry, I meant the transaction where you updated the end/start date

How would I find that?

I would assume that it might be one of these Internal Transactions?

For anyone in the future who is having the same problem. Just end your Burn/Redeem and then you will be able to edit which tokens are Burned using that Burn/Redeem app.

While you’re changing that, be sure to change the times so that your Burn/Redeem will re-open without having to do another transaction for that.