Seller ID shows different

Hi ,
I mint my NFTs through the manifold and after few minutes they owned someone and but i didn’t received and its claim page app and other one is on auction. Kindly someone gives me the answer

Please give us more details like link of claim page, etherscan transaction hash, opensea ?

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It shows that its sold but i didn’t receive any notification or payment

This one is on auction time is running but on shows that they are sold

“Sold By” here just indicate the address of the seller. It doesn’t mean that it is sold.

(As being said right here “1 of 1 left”)
(No bids yet)

I do believe that you will receive notification from us once it is sold.

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But why someone address shows on

This is not my wallet address

Gallery app is a “custodial” marketplace, so when you are listing on our app, we will “take custody” of the asset. That is the address of Manifold.

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Ok its good to hear that