Sepolia contract and tokens not appearing in new Studio


A contract and two tokens created with the old Studio are not appearing in the new Studio for me.

Contract: 0x8f67302006C64369a96d50828AC45E68D7f541a8

Sepolia contracts were not migrated and you will have to redeploy/test on the new testnet workspace.

I don’t get it wilkins.eth — I see two previously created Sepolia contracts in Studio that were migrated, including one that I “deleted” with the old UI.

If they were Sepolia only they won’t necessarily show up.

Also you can’t use Sepolia on your non testnet workspace.

Where are you seeing Sepolia?

If they were Sepolia only they won’t necessarily show up.

For those of us using Studio to iterate on testnet/Sepolia and share testnet/Sepolia-Gallery links with collectors, it feels like the new Studio UI has rugged us.

Also you can’t use Sepolia on your non testnet workspace.

I understand that the new Studio doesn’t support promotion from testnet to mainnet, but I don’t understand why — it potentially doubles the amount of time creators might need to spend in Studio.

Where are you seeing Sepolia?

Workspaces » Testnet »Inventory » Contracts » Tokens link to Sepolia-Gallery pages.

Appreciate the feedback; some of the changes seem frustrating. Mind if I ask what your workflow looks like?

Happy to provide feedback, ediep.

I was in the habit of the contract-based workflow, which allowed me to verify title, symbol, and ASCI art in Studio and Etherscan on testnet before proceeding to make tokens on testnet. The new Studio doesn’t appear to provide a way to see ASCI art after making the contract, and contract addresses don’t link through to Etherscan or similar to see how they render there. In the new Studio, if an error is identified in the contract after publishing, I think it means having to start the whole token making process again(?)

Another issue with the token-first, contract-later approach that the new Studio forces, is that 100% onchain tokens have to write over Arweave-based tokens — I think. I haven’t tried this, but it seems like the only way to have token #1 be 100% onchain in the new Studio workflow would be this approach.

On the token workflow side of things: I’d typically do the following on testnet:

• create a token
• add artwork and metadata
• test how they look on Manifold Gallery and OpenSea
• correct metadata if necessary
• try alternative code/file types for the artwork after seeing how they render on Manifold Gallery and OpenSea (often multiple times, ideally on the same token)
• sometimes share links to Manifold Gallery on testnet with collectors
• sometimes iterate further

Then ideally mint to mainnet based on the most recent version of the token on testnet.

So where the new Studio breaks my workflow is that I have shared links to Manifold Gallery on testnet, but I now have no way to edit those tokens via Studio. I’d have to create new tokens and new contracts, send out new links, and explain that the old links are no longer valid even though they still load and render previously shared artworks.

On the inventory page, it’s odd that each token links through to the same inventory/tokens/ page and not a way to either preview or edit the token.

On the inventory/tokens/ page, it’s odd that there’s not a way to click through to edit the tokens.

I can’t wrap my head around the inventory/collections idea — I’m seeing a collection named after a token, and it’s empty with no way to edit it.