Serial NFTs--each different--but in the same ongoing set, new one minting daily on same contract?

Hey All, I publish a daily comic strip on Paragraph, and I’m up to 100 different strips and adding one a day. I would like to mint all 100 strips now, and add one a day in perpetuity.

What type of NFT should I use? ERC 721 or 1155? I want each strip to be a 1 of 1, and I want to add a new one each day, to be minted by me, and then auctioned, sold, or otherwise bid-upon by buyers.

I want end-users and interested collectors to be able to go to OpenSea, find ONE page with all 100+ comics on it. Each day I add one, I want it to appear on OpenSea and either receive bids in an auction, sell outright for a fixed price, or stay in my wallet until I sell. In other words, I want to be able to a) transfer the already spoken-for strips to their respective buyers after I mint them, b) sell the 1-100 strips that are otherwise unsold as of yet, and c) add a new strip each day that could be sold by any method (auction, fixed price sale, or stay in my wallet).

Any tips on getting started would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Jim

gm! If you’re looking to mint 1/1 it sounds like you’ll be leaning towards an ERC721 token. If you’re minting each of these to the same contract they will display in a single collection on Opensea, which sounds like the mechanic you are looking for.

Thanks Lyndo. I spent quite a bit of time filling up the blockchain with test projects, because it was cheap to mint, and because I didn’t understand the test networks and the need to migrate currency over there. Also wasn’t sure what it would look like. Anyway, I think you are right, it’s a matter of making one contract, then adding new nfts to it. I think that’s called a single “collection” and appears on one OpenSea page (instead of one OpenSea page for each NFT). Appreciate the tip!