Series and collection in manifold and transfer to marketplaces

Hello community,

I have already minted several NFTs directly on foundation and opensea. Now I’ve discovered Manifold and I have three questions.
Unfortunately I can’t find a concrete answer on Google and Youtube.

  1. I saw in a YT video that you can enter “Collection” + Collection name) as text under Properties and the NFTs with the same collection are then displayed in the NFT marketplaces in this collection.
    Does this work automatically with the marketplaces (the collection is automatically created there by the property entry in Manifold) OR do I have to create the collection manually on the marketplaces first?

  2. I saw in another YT video that you can create your own collections in Manifold.
    In the video I see on the dashboard page in the menu:
    Overview - Tokens - Series - Settings

But in my dashboard I only see:
Overview - Tokens - Settings

Why can’t I see a series or how can I activate it? I minted an ERC721 contract.

  1. If I could mine Series, is that comparable to the collections on the marketplaces? I mean that I first mint a series, then the NFT in it and on the marketplaces my NFT (of the same series) are then automatically displayed in stand-alone collections?

So in short:
I would like to create several collections on the marketplaces, with the corresponding NFT in them. I like order :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance & best regards

gm! Our docs maybe helpful with using our tools: Welcome to Manifold Studio - Manifold Docs

To answer your questions about series. A collection on Opensea refers to a group of tokens minted under a single contract. If you’d like to sort the tokens in that contract by different projects on a contract you could use properties to do so.

If you want several collections, you’d deploy several contracts. If you want a single collection with multiple groups, you could deploy a single contract with different types of metadata.