Set royalty payout address via Etherscan

I want to mint a new token on an existing contract but I need the royalties to pay out to a different address from the one specified at the contract level.

I found this guide in the docs: Royalties - Manifold Docs

The option of doing it within Manifold Studio won’t work because the new token is an editions drop, so I’m looking at editing the royalty payout address via Etherscan as mentioned in the guide.

However, I think the guide is out of date because the contract has different sections when I view it on Etherscan.

Which section of the contract do I edit on Etherscan and what’s the correct way to input the info? (Say I want a royalty of 10% to go to a new address for tokens 18 onwards, and the new drop is open-edition so I don’t know what the last tokenID will be.)

There is a thread that addresses this:

You can set it contact side but not all marketplaces adhere to token level royalties at the moment (opensea recently started ingesting contract level royalties, but not token level yet)

Also, please don’t spam the forum. We are watching it, but this is not a real time support channel.

Appreciate the response. I searched the forum before posting but didn’t find that other thread. And I’m still unsure about one thing. If the drop is open edition via a claim page and we don’t know in advance how many will be minted, what do we enter in the tokenId field? Let’s say the first token on the new claim page will have tokenId18 on the contract. Can we do something like 18… to mean 18 onwards?

That is a lot more difficult to do. Won’t be able to do that with the standard claim page contract. You could implement your own extension following the extension royalty override pattern here:

But this is not something easily done with claim pages right now. You would have to set the royalty for each token minted which would be prohibitively expensive.

Thanks but that’s a bit too advanced for a no-coder like me. What if I wait until minting closes so I know how many editions there are and then edit the royalties on etherscan? If the last tokenId is known is it possible to do something like tokenId18-99?

It would require one transaction per token. Like I said, prohibitively expensive, but possible.

Ok, understood. Thanks for your help.