Set token ID on allowlist for each address for claim page - is that possible?

Hello everyone,

I am completely new to Manifold. I plan to use a claim page with a batch of NFTs with three different artworks, representing three tiers. My question is: Is there a way to set the exact NFT (token IDs) each wallet address on the allowlist is to receive?

Context: We are a DeFi protocol hosting a competition with a leaderboard. The 50 highest ranking wallets will receive an NFT from our collection, after the competition has ended. The NFT collection will consist of three tiers. Top tier consists of three NFTs. Medium tier consists of 10 NFTs. And lower tier consists of 37 NFTs. So total volume is 50 NFTs.

The wallets ranking first three places in the competition shall receive each one NFT from the top tier of the collection. The 10 NFTs of the medium tier should be claimed by the wallet addresses ranking 4th-13th place in the competition. The 37 lower tier NFTs go to the wallets ranking 14th-50th on the leaderboard.

Is there a way to implement this via Manifold?

Gm - This might help answer your question!

Already read through this. Nothing in it regarding my question. Only thing close is in the FAQ, but I still want to make sure.