Set up done correctly but Unable to claim this token on mobile

Getting a no token available error. People are telling me they can’t claim. Works on desktop, first time I tried adding mobile minting and didn’t get any errors…


Message from a collector:
Went to get your latest token but got “not allowed” when I clicked “BUY” ?


Sorry for the issue. We discovered a bug from our recent release of the new airdrop feature for our claim app. The issue is now fixed. Could you try again please?

Thank you!

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Yes, now it works!!! :grinning: :mushroom:
I was wondering if you could show me where to look at infura that says how many tokens were minted with mobile? I have a lot of stats, but not sure which one is the the right one, or what I’m even supposed to be looking at over there, just glad it works now!! Thanks so much!!!