Setbasetokenuri does not work

See attached link to contract when running the function setBaseTokenUri, the base token uri does not ever update. You can read as proxy on my contract and see that none of the base token uris updated other than that of token#1. This token i ran setTokenUri on, which works. It would not be very cost effective or convenient to update every single tokens uri individually. My team and I are looking to use manifold to launch, ASAP, but need to be able to update the base token uri, in order for our project to work as intended. Any eyes on this by the dev team would be greatly appreciated.

For another contract i have, it will not let me do setTokenUri either. I keep getting invalid tokenId errors, when i have minted like 10 tokens.

Bump please, I saw someone last month say something about this as well, and never got a reply.

Base url is only used if you mint base with no uri.

ahh okay i see what you’re saying now about the base. Does the claim page use this?

Creating a new thread with a separate question

No. Claim pages use an extension.