Setting subdomains / hosting on own website - fails

Hi there,

I minted three 1/1 tokens and setting 3 auctions with the gallery app.
Then I setup the DNS on my wix so I could host these auctions on my own website.

The first token works perfectly but the other 2 ar failing.
What am I doing wrong ? I followed the same procedure.

So this one is good

And these are wrong

This page - loads fine for me. I am guessing you want it on your naturalwarp website?

What URL are you trying to put it on?

the idea was to get the other 2 nfts each on their own page :

but as I showed in the jpg upload it ives me a link instead


please follow the docs here

Just taking a quick look at the last image you sent – it looks like you have

CNAME: gallery

when you actually want

CNAME: omnicscience

Example from the docs: