Settle listing?

I have a “settle listing” notification for an edition and I am not sure why. I dont want to settle it and waste gas if I need not to.

gm Carlos!

Manifold Gallery is a custodial marketplace (similar to Foundation and SuperRare) this means that when you sell an NFT on Gallery you transfer it to our marketplace contract to hold and execute the sale.

In this case here it looks like you were selling a number of editions for a fixed period. The period has expired and it looks like a few editions were sold but the remaining unsold editions are still in custody of Manifold Gallery. Settling the listing means that the unsold editions will be returned back to you.

No idea why this one had a date. I do not recall this and it was never intended to be timed in any way. Are the remaining still available for purchase if I leave it as is?

Dosen’t look like they are for sale, looks like the listing ended (hence why you got the notification)

I dont want to make the wrong move. What steps do I need to do to put these up for sale? This was supposed to be an edition of 30 until they are sold out.

You’ll have to settle the listing and then relist them, one thing is that it won’t shop up as being a listing of 30 as some have already been sold, it would be a new listing of 23, since thats how many are remaining and how many you’ll own

Is it a new token or contract or is it purely relisting the remaining?

Just resisting, Manifold Gallery is custodial so you can sell any token as long as it exists

Cool thanks I’ll do it tonight :pray:

Can i reclaim my vanity URL for that edition? It was /obligation but it says its in use still even after settling it? Thanks

Make a new listing and then post here, i’ll see if we swap once its up :saluting_face:

thanks again ser.

gentle bump. So when I relisted the piece I made sure there was no time frame. I just realized it added a date. its 9999 years or something but is that normal? lol

Hello ser. Curious if I can reclaim my vanity url for this piece? Thanks

hey, apologies for the delay. Obligation - Carlos28355 | Manifold should point to the correct piece now. thank you for your patience!