Share feed for goerli testnet

Is there a version of Share | Manifold for the goerli testnet?


I’ve made a curl request with the goerli marketplace contract address (0x554fa73be2f122374e148b35de3ed6c34602dbf6) but didn’t get any results:


curl -X GET ""




What use case are you looking to build?

I’m attempting to verify a behavior:

I’ve created some listings (400, 401, 403, 404, 405) on goerli by interacting directly with the goerli marketplace contract. The current front end for the Gallery app doesn’t support creating listings from testnet and I wanted to use some non default configurations. (longer listings, no referrer)

The behavior I’d like to confirm is that creating listings in this way will still show up on the feed at: Share | Manifold

Looks like you set enableReferrer to false. I believe that will prevent them from showing up on that page.

How are you creating the listings directly, just using etherscan or have you built a tool for it?

That’s really good info! Any concrete way to verify? (outside of creating a listing on mainnet)

It’s a combination:
Etherscan to get the abis and see available methods. Along with some scripts I’ve created to interact with the contract via hardhat.

You can append goerli. to the URL - so like

Excellent! Thank you so much! Incredibly helfpful!

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Works from the front end as well: