Shared Contracts and Admin Access

The ability to share access to your minting contract is a unique feature of your Manifold Contract (available for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155). To mitigate unwanted and spam behaviour, we’ve recently changed how we handle discovery and access to shared contracts in Manifold Studio.

What’s changed:

  • For owners of shared contracts:

    • Previously: You could add admins to your contracts in Manifold Studio’s contract settings page, requiring an onchain transaction.
    • Now: Add admins by visiting your contract on Etherscan and using the approveAdmin function (see full guide here).
      • After confirming the transaction, the admin user will need to follow the instructions below.
      • Note: With the introduction of workspaces, once an admin has access to your shared contract, they will also be able to view other contracts and assets in the same workspace. However, they will only be able to mint and create from those contracts for which you’ve granted admin roles.
  • For admins of shared contracts:

    • Previously: Shared contracts would automatically appear in your Manifold Studio account after being added as an admin, alongside your other creator-deployed contracts in the “Contracts” tab.
    • Now: To access a shared contract, you need to email or post in our forum with a request to add the desired contract to your account. Please share your wallet address and the shared contract address when making a request. Once added, you will be able to access the shared contract by switching workspaces in Manifold Studio.
      • Note: With the introduction of workspaces, you will also be able to view all assets, including drafts, in the shared contract’s owner’s workspace. You will only be able to mint and create new assets for the contracts where you have admin access.

We’re working on adding product support to simplify shared contracts for creators and admins. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or suggestions.