Shopify Merch Bridge: Connect Widget and Gated Campaign Not Activating

Hello Manifold Developer Community,

I’ve created a smart contract on Manifold ERC721 for a digital : physical fashion product so collectors can mint first then redeem the token gated product on shopify using merch bridge to connect wallet, choose size, add shipping details.

I’ve thoroughly gone through the tutorial and have 2 mints on the contract but the connect widget and gated campaign is not activated on shopify. Any suggestions to unblock would be greatly helpful!

Product type is labeled as “Manifold” in the product page.

Smart contract: Thirty 104

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It does not appear the component is activated. Please double check that:

  1. Your liquid code was modified (not sure what theme you are using, but it doesn’t look like a default theme)
  2. You have assigned the Manifold type to the shopify product:
    Shopify Products - Manifold Docs

A quick look at that product on your site, it seems like type ‘Manifold’ was assigned, so it seems like the liquid code was not modified properly.

Hi @wilkins.eth, can you please explain to me how we remove the Manifold app integration from our Shopify store?

All you have to do is uninstall the app and make sure your products do not have the Manifold type.

Thank you for the reply. By uninstalling the app and making sure the products do not have the Manifold type, would that remove all Manifold code from the Product template page?

solved this? Is there a list of integrated templates?

Templates can be found here: