Shopify Merch Bridge: "Contract address could not be located"

Hello Community~

I am launching a digital:physical fashion product using the Shopify merch bridge. I’ve created the smart contract and copy/pasted the address from etherscan into the rules page on Shopify however I received a message that the address could not be located. The contract was created 4 hours ago - is it possible more time is required? Any suggestions to unblock would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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It won’t be detected until at least one token is minted. And it does not appear there are any minted tokens on this contract yet.

Ah got it - thank you so much so you quick response and help!

Hi @Wilkins.eth and developer community,

I’ve minted a token but the connect wallet widget and gated campaign has not started.

I’ve double checked the tutorial doc, made sure product type is set to “Manifold”, made sure the 1 minted shows on etherscan. There are no config errors when I go to the product page either, it shows fiat payment methods.

Any suggestions for unblock is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You have a custom theme, right?

It doesn’t look like any of your shop liquid code was modified. What theme are you using?

The gate will not show up without modifying your theme code.

If you are not using the debut or dawn theme, you will have to get someone familiar with shopify to modify your theme to enable the widget.

Hi Wilkins.eth thank you for the quick response! It’s not a custom theme, I’m using the dawn theme.

Can you try reinstalling the theme based on the instructions here and see if it shows up?

I assume you downloaded the zip file and imported it.

Hi Wilkins.eth,

This is quite silly but I did not realize the merch bridge was in and of itself a theme. I figured it somehow incorporated itself into shopify’s dawn theme. So I pressed publish on the merch bridge theme and now we’re good to go. :woozy_face:

Thank you for your quick responses and support here, much appreciated!