Shopify Merch Bridge > Missing Checkout Buttons

Hi there, setting up the Merch bridge on a new site, everything works as far as setting up.
And the connect button appears on the item page, but, there is no check-out button at all.

I checked the console and see the following errors that might be related.

It’s working for me right now using one of the templates they provided. Are you using a custom store/theme, or one of the templates they provide?

You should check the code on your store and go to the Snippets section. Then look for the manifold-campaign-widget.liquid and manifold-checkout-widget.liquid files and make sure they look like this

@directivecreator.eth were you able to get this going?

Are you using a plug-and-play Manifold-ized template from our template library (like DAWN) or are you implementing the widgets in your own site?

Manifold currently has only two pre-enabled themes: Dawn and Debut, could someone pls tell us how to customize a new free shopify theme, such as Crave. The manifold pre-enabled theme Dawn’s version is v6.002 ish, however the latest shopify Dawn them is v9… does this matter?