Shopify merch bridge order not going through

Hi there, I have set up a shopify merch bridge for a token redeem with a 100% discount. All works up until the final “complete order” stage. Clients click the button but nothing appears to happen on their side. No “order completed”.
On the shopify side somehow the order shows up in drafts but without any shipping details included. In the Draft Order it says: “manifold token gate created this draft order”.
I can see the client’s wallet address and which token number used for the redemption but no other details to be able to actually ship the product.

Hey it seems to be working for me. Do you have a custom store? Or are you using one of the templates

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Hello. Using the merch bridge template. Everything is working up till the final submit order. The wallet connect, the token gate, the discount applied to the cart, the checkout with NFTs and the filling out of shipping address. All works smoothly. But then the order cannot be completed.
I am only using the store for the merch bridge and therefore haven’t set up a payment processor for credit cards linked to the store. Could that be the issue?

UPDATE. I figured it out and it had nothing to do with the merch bridge but was due to an oversight on my side setting up the shop.


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