Shopify Merch Bridge Rules not recognizing contract

Hello there. I have installed the shopify merch bridge and as a rule want to set token ownership from an ERC 721 Manifold Claim Page contract that I have recently deployed.
Every time I want to add the rule a message pops up saying “the received contract address could not be located”.
If I make a rule based on some of my other manifold contracts there is no problem and the token gated merch bridge works.
Do I need to wait? Or is there a problem because no token has been minted yet on the claim page.
My aim is to have a claim page where collectors can purchase a token and then head over to my shopify store page to redeem it for a physical item.
The Claim Page is here: Divine Redemption

UPDATE for those who would have the same issue: You need to mint at least one token from the claim page for the Merch Bridge to accept the contract. I airdropped one token to my wallet and that was sufficient. It runs smoothly now!

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