Sign to Log In (Not Working) for STUDIO

When I click connect, It will connect my wallet and then a signature request will pop-up. Once I sign in and click my username, It tells me to pick a wallet again.

Browser: Chrome
Wallet: MM

Can you take a picture of your console after you’ve tried to sign in? Instructions here:

After I sign in, and click on my username, the page just reset to asking to connect my wallet again. A loop.

When I click on my username, It just shows disconnect and doesn’t do anything else. When I hit ‘Reload’ on the browser and click on the username, It asks to pick wallets again.

Got it - Can you try clearing all your cache/cookies and trying again? There have been some changes over the last day

Just did a complete clearing of all cache, history and cookies. Same issue.

I do this and it just stays on the studio page. Doesn’t login to my account. Nothing else happens.

This did happen after I did a fresh install of the wallet and updated the chrome browner to the newest one.

Chrome version Version 118.0.5993.70

tried Incognito mode but doesn’t offer MM option.

Sign to login option after I connect MM doesn’t seem to pop up. Is there a way to go to the sign to login page manually?

Any updates on this?

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We need your console logs to see what errors might be thrown.

Hi, we believe this has been fixed, can you try again?

It’s working! Thank you. What was the issue?

same problem here. tired clearing cache. not working

Thanks for reaching out - Can you take a screenshot of your console? Instructions here:

Could you let us know your wallet address as well please?