Smth went wrong with transaction and i cant mint anything,even create new contract

when i minting a token, an error occurred and the transaction hung for more than a day, I tried to cancel, but nothing was received, it constantly showed the same error. 32000. now i cant do anything. cant create new contract, cant mint the copy of the token on the same contract. and cant even delete the contract or token! i have no this transaction in my wallet “in process” or on my page, i cant see anything . and the first token just stucked on the same step on minting. it continues from 14 february, please help me, i cant anymore. of course its not about my internet connection or something.


2023-02-17 (2)4444

the gas was veery high 14 febr , and i put it below, but the transaction didn’t go through and I couldn’t cancel it, now it’s nowhere to be found, I don’t see it my wallet or on studio, the error is saved everywhere

Did it already worked? I am experiencing almost the same thing now.