Snapshot for a claim page for manifold merch bridge

On my regular 1155 I can see where to make a snapshot for my manifold merch bridge. I would like to make one for a claim page but I can’t find where to make the snapshot. Is it automatic?

The snapshot tools will grab addresses from the entire contract. For specific tokenIDs you can check out our snapshot tool here: Snapshot Tool - Manifold Docs

Thanks!! Are you saying that there’s no way to restrict it to one token? Because it’s set up right now to be restricted to one token, token #2. see attached. If I need to restrict it to one token, how does that work with the Merch Bridge? Thanks so much for your quick reply!!

Here you can see the settings on the merch bridge app in shopify: Now has the option for picking an individual token. This is not reflected in the docs. Is it not ready for prime time? Thanks again! Supposed to distribute Merch tomorrow! appreciate your help with this!!
Manifold docs:

Shopify Settings: