Some Airdrops not populating on OS (not in hidden either)

Does anyone else have issues with some erc1155 tokens not populating on OS? They are in the correct wallets but are not to be found in OS, Not in hidden folders either. Some tokens were fine tho…

If you’re running into display issues specifically on OS - You may want to reach out to their team. The following doc might help looking into display issues:

Something I found interesting:

  • I created a claim page which went live just over 24h ago
  • tokens show up in OS for people who have claimed them for themselves, I also claimed 3 (partly to give away at some point in the future, partly to test)
  • I airdropped tokens to some of my OG 721 collectors, including a few more for myself
  • the airdropped tokens showed up on etherscan properly & the count on the claim page was correct, though they didn’t show up in OS…I wanted to make sure that I hadn’t broken the claim aspect of things, so I claimed another one for myself - upon doing so, the ones I airdropped to myself were also recognized by OS - displaying a correct personal count as well as including those specific ones in OS’s accounting of the project counts for owners & tokens (tokens for other airdrop recipients are still “in the dark” as far as OS goes & so unaccounted for)

Not sure if this is useful for any purpose - I simply found it of interest that part of the OS problem came clear upon taking an action related to the claim, without OS intervention.

Airdrops can be marked as spam on Opensea and may have been hidden