Some of the apps in studio are missing

Hi, I am doing a limited editions soon, and I wanted to use an app that seem to be not available anymore, at all.
My plan was to launch the mint page with allowlisted wallets eligible for the mint, which app should I use for that now? I can’t find the “mint page” app in the list.

Also – is it possible to allowlist some of the wallets to mint only one of the token, whereas others to be eligible to mint two of them? All of it manually, I am in lower tens of wallets for this option.

Thank you.

Gm! We’re you looking to use the ETH editions app? I’m a little confused because it sounds like you may have been looking for our claim app to create a lazy mint page.

It’s possible to do a drop with those me Janice but you will have to do it in two parts. You’ll create a claim with the total supply and then have periods where it is whitelisted and then edit the claim to reflect the open portion of the drop.

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Yes you are right, I am sorry. I went through the claim page and it seems like I can really do everything I need through that app, I just thought that the “claim app” is just for free claims.

One additional question – if I upload a CSV with allowlisted wallets + number of mintable tokens, and some of they do mint and some of them dont, the final edition size will be a sum of all the minted, right? It might be a stupid question, just making sure.

For example, if I upload an allowlist without setting the size of the edition, and the wallets mint like this:

Wallet 1 – can mint 2, mints 2
Wallet 2 – can mint 2, mints 1
Wallet 3 – can mint 1, mints 1

= Final size of the edition is 4, is that right?

Regarding your second paragraph and my second question, it seems like uploading a CSV table with dedicated eligible number of mints for each wallet works pretty well.

Thank you so much for your patience. Have a nice day