Someone else's art is population my curation page

GM gents,

Someone else’s art is populating on my curation page. I attached a screenshot, as well as links to my overall page, and the specific art piece that was taken over.

Curate Page <— This is the entire curation page.

The Archangel | Manifold <---- This is the link to the page that used to host my art piece…

I created this a very long time ago, so I’m unsure as to how this happened. I’d love to get my extension name back and understand why this happened.

Attached below is a screenshot of what it changed to (which is linked to a totally different artist) on my gallery//curation page, and another screenshot of what it should look like (which luckily still shows properly within my own manifold profile with the contract etc).

Any help appreciated.

So sorry about this issue, this is an app by our third party partner sweetDrop. We have since contacted them about the issue. We will update you once they get back to us.

Hi Malika!
It seems like this was related to an old issue we had regarding slug collision. Would you be open to changing your slug to something different? I can then fix up the page so it will reflect and ask the third party to get it fixed accordingly

I prefer not to change it, but if it’s the only option then of course lets move forward with it!

If we do change it, my other concern is keeping this from happening to my other art pieces in the future, because I was very particular in the names and slugs; I just want to be sure it doesn’t happen again.

And thanks for your help!

Apologies, this should be fixed now.

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It’s fixed on the webpage that hosts the “ARCHANGEL” piece; however on my curation page it still shows the preview from the other artist. The curation page is linked above.

And here I’ll show screenshots.

Hi Malika,
We contacted our third party and they mentioned they have since fixed the issue.

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Wow. thank you so much. Appreciate you legends for helping me out.